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Hemp Farmers

Hemp Fiber Insulation for California Home Owners
California H.E.M.P. Farmers

Through partnerships with California Hemp Farmers pifCalifornia is creating a greener California one harvest at a time!

pifCalifornia works collaboratively with California Hemp Farmers in efforts to reduce carbon emissions and protect homes and businesses from California Wildfires. In the Fall of 2019 through the pifCalifornia  Agriculture Raw Materials 180 tons of harvest waste was collected from California Hemp Farmers. The collected harvest waste was then recycled into usable fiber insulation products to support H.E.M.P. pifCalifornia’s program for fire-proofing California homes and businesses with all natural carbon negative building materials.

How does it work?

  • Pay Less for Raw Materials Collection – California Hemp Farmers might pay less for post raw materials collection by keeping fiber plant waste separated into super sacks for easy pickup and transportation.
  • Receive Tax Benefits by Participating – When you donate your agricultural raw materials to pifCalifornia‘s A.R.M. Program, your California Hemp Farming business can claim tax benefits.
  • Waste Less and Spend Less – When your California Hemp Farm  enrolls in the A.R.M. Program, you spend less by arranging raw materials collection pickup prior to harvest. This saves time with logistics and preserves raw material for a more efficient recycling process. Participants also reduce energy and labor costs associated with field collection and traditional post harvest practices.

The H.E.M.P. Program

Agriculture Raw Materials Cycle

Raw Materials Collection is a key component to every successful farm operation. The pifCalifornia  Agriculture Raw Materials Program is a systematic approach that seeks to reduce plant waste and its associated impacts over the entire life cycle of the program, starting with decisions on logistics and recovery and ending with the manufacturing of natural building materials. pifCalifornia works to promote innovation and highlight the value and efficient management of raw fiber materials as a resource.