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Hemp Fiber Insulation for California Home Owners

The H.E.M.P. Program

The H.E.M.P. Project

The Hemp Environmental Materials Program (H.E.M.P.) provides green job training, employment, and residential green upgrades for California Residents. H.E.M.P. also protects communities from toxic carbon emissions and California Wildfires with the Hempcrete-envelope. The Hempcrete-envelope is a revolutionary carbon zero building material that creates an airtight envelope around the exterior of a home or business eliminating termites, rodents, and other insect infestations upon contact. All H.E.M.P. design/build and installation projects are performed by the H.E.M.P. Workforce; Local California residents who care about making a difference in their communities.

Community Partners

With so many respected Non-profit Organizations in California it’s important to choose an Organization that matches your vision for benefiting your Community. pifCalifornia is a 501(c)3 Non-profit Organization created to attract cannabis tax dollars to support local workforce development, and residential green upgrades for Senior Citizens, Veterans, and low-income California Home Owners; pifCalifornia is the only agricultural based NPO in California supporting local employment and community redevelopment through H.E.M.P.

California Cannabis Business

Your support goes a long way!

By eliminating Harvest Waste, creating local certification/training programs, and providing California homes and businesses with green upgrades we can all make a difference!

  • Harvest Waste Collection: pifCalifornia works with California Hemp Farmers to collect Harvest Waste at the end of each harvest. The Harvest Waste is then recycled into raw fiber building materials to be used in pifCalifornia training/certification programs, and H.E.M.P. green upgrades.
  • Local Workforce Development: Training/Certification Programs are vital in creating the H.E.M.P. Workforce. Graduates of the H.E.M.P. Workforce Program are eligible to collect a living wage on future California building projects. Program graduates will also be eligible for enrollment in participating California Labor Union Apprenticeship Programs that guarantees employment in California’s Green Construction Sector.
  • California Home Owners: Senior Citizens, Veterans, and Low Income California homeowners can receive green upgrades thru The H.E.M.P. Program upon eligibility. We partner with local Community Organizations to screen and approve program applicants. Each eligible California Home Owner that is qualifies for The H.E.M.P. Program can receive up to $15,000 in green upgrades. Home owners may qualify for 100% financing options based on home demographics and level of income.